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Just like a signature is unique to one person, so is this blog. You can say this blog is kind of my signature. Hence the name My Signature Blog. On this blog I share my views on all kinds of topics that interest me.

As a marketer, I provide different services, such as marketing plans, concept development and content management, to make a brand stand out. However, it all started with blogging. Content creation is a powerful tool that can make a brand stand out. In my portfolio you can find an overview of the brands I’ve worked for.

Although I do nowadays a lot more than blogging, I still get the itch to write new stories. And as long as my passion for blogging is still there, I will continue writing new content. Take a look at my blog if you are curious what I have been up to lately.

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment if you read something you like.